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Friday, February 26, 2010

Mets may land Beimel for beleagered bullpen

In a recent post, on this blog and on, I reported that the New York Mets were considering adding depth to their bullpen. They had reached out to Ron Mahay and Joe Beimel for additional help to a rapidly deteriorating area of the roster. First, came the news that Kelvim Escobar has a weak arm, and then the story of K-Rod, mysteriously coming down with pink eye, that took the training staff several days to finally diagnose.

In light of these events, the Mets offered a contract to Joe Beimel. The specifics of the contract were not made available and probably will not be until after it is finalized. If it is finalized. Beimel is said to be considering the offer. However, at this point of the offseason, his phone may not be ringing off of the hook, so he probably will take it. If so, he will join an odd collection of pitchers to round out the group that will hand the ball off to K-Rod.

The seasoned veteran of this group has to be Pedro Feliciano. He is the premier lefty in the bullpen and the resident Philly killer. He needs help, however, so this is where Beimel will come in. Then, throw in Bobby Parnell, the young and unseasoned gun. Follow him with the unhealthy veterans Sean Green and Kelvim Escobar, who will most likely be on the DL by July, and the untested Ryoda Igarashi. They may have a competition for the mop up role, but it should go to Nelson Figueroa. Finally, the closer, who is currently one of the best in the game, Francisco Rodriguez. He is the definition of a closer. He has electric stuff and a chip on his shoulder. He gets the job done.

All in all, they could be an outstanding bullpen, if they are healthy and pitch up to form. The bullpen could be one of the greatest strengths on this team. This is what Joe Beimel will be joining, should he decide to accept the offer currently on the table. If the rest of the team were one player away too, this could be a magical season. Alas, they are far more than one player away, they are about five or six players away from greatness. Still, it's not a bad bullpen to join, Joe.

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  1. This cannot go unchecked. You grew up in South Jersey and decided not to be brainwashed ... so you root for all New York teams? I can't imagine anything more unnatural, which is the kindest word I can find for it. Where in South Jersey?