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Friday, December 24, 2010

In Remembrance This Season

This time of year, thoughts turn to the hustle of shopping and preparation for that one perfect moment on Christmas morning. While the malls are filled with parents trying to fulfill the hopes and wishes of their children, there is a bigger picture being missed.

Christmas, and this time of year in general for that matter, are reserved for remembering what we have and that there are many that go without all year round. This time of year, I always think of those in a position in life that none of us would want to be in. We take our lives for granted.

The simplicity of it all never strikes us until we are face to face with it. Those that have no home to go to this holiday. Those who have children without newly wrapped toys. Those who will not have a warm meal in the belly for the season.

Then, I think of those who are faced with life and death every day. For them, today is just another day they may die. My thoughts this year turn to those at war. The brave men and women over seas that only get to celebrate the holiday for a brief moment.

For just a split second, they can forget that they are in a strange land far from their loved ones and the home they love. At a moment's notice, they may be asked to lay their lives down, so we can enjoy the freedoms that we think we have a right to. These soldiers are someone's son or daughter. They are someone's husband or wife.

It is not my intention to be a killjoy, but rather to bring to the forefront the sacrifice of some and the pain of others as we sing about peace on Earth. I have hope in my heart today that those in need will find the help they so desperately desire this season.

I have hope in my heart today that those who are attacking our soldiers will one day recognize that they are human too. I am not suggesting there will be a repeat of the 1914 Christmas cease fire, but somewhere, somehow, someone's heart will be lighter this season.

Someone will give more than they thought they would. Someone will be merry and truly live up to the meaning of this special day. I hold on to the hope that, perhaps, this Christmas will hold a miracle for someone less fortunate or someone in a foreign land with a gun in their hand.

Therefore, as we get ready to gather around our tables and clean up the piles of wrapping paper left scattered all over the living room floor, let us bow our heads this year. Let us have a moment to thank the powers that be for the opportunities we have.

Let us be grateful that we are free to celebrate and gather close to those we love. Let us all remember those in need and far from us this year. Let us be selfless this holiday season. In the season of excess, let us realize what others are doing without for our sake.

Then, maybe, a miracle can occur and there truly will be peace on Earth and good will toward mankind. Merry Christmas and may all of your wishes come true this season. Thank you for reading the New York Fan in South Jersey.

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  1. Great post Frank, I agree completely, its easy to get caught in the secular part of the holiday but we do have to remember just how good we have it compared to so many others.