For the fan in enemy territory

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Let's Recap...

This past week has had several major sports stories to follow, not only in the New York region, but both nationally and even internationally as well. The First and probably biggest story of the week, can be summed up in one word. Tiger. Tiger Woods both admitted to his sexual escapades and apologized for them. He had a internationally televised press conference with a hand selected media that wasn't allowed to ask questions. This was a crock. Far too much attention payed to a story that has somehow transcended sports. This is a story that happens to a lesser degree I admit, in more than half of the marriages in America. This is an issue between he and his wife, not he and his wife and the world because he is a international celebrity and athlete. This is a personal matter and as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't owe the public any apologies. He may owe one to the sponsors that he has probably broken image clauses in his contracts with. Even that is stretching it, though. He only, truly owes an apology and an explanation to his wife. Some personal matters in celebrities homes need to stay out of the newspapers and stay in the celebrities homes.

The next story is in the New York area very big too. It was going to be first on my list as I was preparing this blog, until the Tiger press conference was announced. The New York Knicks got their man. Tracy McGrady was traded in a three team deal to the Knicks. This is not the biggest part of the story, as no one really knows if T-Mac has anything left in the tank. The biggest part is that the Knicks opened up enough cap room for the upcoming offseason to be in position to sign multiple big name, big talent, franchise changing type players. That would make them more than very relevant in the city again, and relevancy has been a position the Knicks have not been in for more than a decade. There are so many big names coming into free agency this upcoming offseason, that Madison Square Garden will be jumping next year, regardless of which combination of the two they sign. Whether it be Lebron, Wade, Johnson, Novitzki, Bosh or whoever. There are no better fans and no better place to play than New York when the teams are competitive, that, in and of itself could be a major draw for a few of them.

The next big story was pitchers and catchers reporting (thank God). Not just that, but the many stupid quotes that can be collected during this time of year. For example, a team like the New York Mets, who have boasted for three years or more straight, that have proven nothing, having their captain saying they expect to win the World Series. Are you kidding me? Are you high David Wright or just that stupid? You have done nothing, you have proven nothing. You have backed up nothing. Shut up and play David. Period. Jose Reyes is there, showing that the competitive fires are burning early and that he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. That is exciting. Johan Santana threw and felt no pain. Hey Mets fans, let me repeat that. Johan Santana FELT NO PAIN!!! That is probably the best news of all in Mets camp. The Yankees are talking about an open competition for the last rotation spot between Hughes and Chamberlain, the one who loses that battle will probably not only set up Rivera this year but may be the heir apparent to him later on.

Finally, the Olympics. Many stories are emerging from Vancouver this week, but I still believe that for all the heart warming, patriotic stuff that NBC is trying to rub off on the population, they have been just as dreadful in the coverage and sensitivity of a tragic event that opened up the games in the first place. The death of the young luger, was shown at least 200 times. That was horrible. They used the tragedy to gain viewership. I read a story before the Olympics started that they were going to lose $200 million estimated before the coverage even started. That is a bad job and poor decision making by NBC. They obviously used this event to try to regain some respect. They are in poor financial and organizational troubles and this was another poor decision. It is a mockery of sports and coverage of sports, they deserve to be bought out. I thought the NFL playoff coverage was bad, but this has gone to another level of stupidity. With a week like the one we just had, it is no wonder that sports is so consuming to so many people. I can't wait to see what next week brings.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Camping We Will Go...

Today is the day that ALL Mets fans truly wait for. Yesterday was that day for the fans of the defending champions, the Yankees. It's spring training camps opening up. In other words, baseball is getting ready to get under way. Pitchers and catchers reported and in just a few days , so will the rest of the team. You wouldn't know it by the turn out so far, but it's only pitchers and catchers turn to report.

So far, I've heard reports that the dynamic Mets leadoff hitter, Jose Reyes is there. That is great news, as he and the rest of the team tries to completely mentally block out last seasons' injury ward debacle. I may be an optimistic, but as I've said on this blog before, I like their chances better than most people. I'm not a fool, mind you, but I do think they have a fighting chance if they choose to fight. So with thoughts on Florida, as I look out my window and see the massive piles of snow that El Nino has dumped on New Jersey, I'm feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I'm excited! Not just because baseball will soon be back, but because with our millionaires playing a kids' game, there also comes spring. As the saying goes 'spring hopes eternal'. I will get into my predictions for the lineups and such later, but for now I would just like to hold on to this feeling.

The Yankees fans I talk to are going into this day with a much different perspective. They are more business as usual mentality. They should be. Their team won it all just a few months ago. I remind them, however, that even though they still have Tex and A-roid, along with a better pitching staff than last season, they lost a few key pieces too. They are still to be considered the favorites as all World Series champions are going into the next season. That experience is difficult to top. I would also like to mention the Phillies fans I've spoken to that laugh at me because their team has done so well. I remind them that if the Phillies lost anywhere close to the amount of players that the Mets did last year, they would have been looking up at the Braves and the Marlins too. We'll see how this year turns out soon enough, but in the mean time, let's cozy up by the fire. Get out the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to make the smores because it's time to go camping. Let's go Mets!