For the fan in enemy territory

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Can you smell it in the air? Perhaps not. Perhaps, you're too busy with your BBQ's and swimming pools. It is the midst of the summer and we are all wrapped up in summer activities. But all around the country, there is another activity beginning. The NFL is beginning to hold their training camps prior to the preseason.

In other words, football is coming very soon. I can smell the grass. I can feel the chill in the air. It's going to happen very soon now. The players are all getting ready. Soon, the fans will too. The New York Giants and New York Jets are both looking forward to big things this year.

The Jets are coming off of a magical playoff run last season that ended in Indianapolis. The Youth fell flat against experience, but they look forward to this season with the addition of experience of their own. They added several key players to bolster their team on both sides of the ball.

Most notably were the additions of Ladanian Tomlinson at running back, Antonio Cromartie ar corner back and Jason Taylor at defensive end. They hope that the meshing of last year's playoff experience and this year's veterans will lead to greatness in a new stadium.

As for the Giants, they fell flat in the second half last season and are hoping to bounce back. They added a few key names as well to bolster their defense. Most notably for them are the health of Kenny Phillips at safety and the additions of Antrel Rolle at safety and Keith Bullock at line backer among others.

If these two teams stay healthy and perform up to their own expectations, there may be an all New York Super Bowl, before a Super Bowl in New York.